Our journey started with two industrious and innovative neighbours living in Gidgegannup, Western Australia, who wanted to realise a vision to produce distinctive Australian spirits competing with the best in the world. That vision, coupled with a total focus on common values led to the establishment of Gidgie Distilleries.

Geoff and Ian started as neighbours and became firm friends and kindred spirits. They began enthusiastic discussions about the finer arts of distilling and creation of uniquely Australian products. Ian had been distilling on a small scale for several years producing some fine spirits from wheat-based alcohol, and Geoff was invested in sustainable land management and production infrastructure on the Gidgegannup estate. The idea formed to bring these two minds together in a commercial operation to distil fine spirits with a distinctly Western Australian edge.

When the fledgling The West Winds Gin brand came knocking, the enterprise that is Gidgie Distilleries was born, focused on creating world class products in Western Australia, taking advantage of the clear flowing waters and clean air of the estate in Gidgegannup. Starting out in a shed, Gidgie Distilleries began producing for The West Winds with great success. Today, Gidgie Distilleries is a fully-fledged distiller, capable of making its own branded product as well as contract distilling.

Our focus on using Australian ‘bush tucker’ botanicals, combined with many tastings led to the birth of our first own brand gin- the “Reveli Gin”. This is a London Dry Gin with 40% ABV incorporating predominantly Australian botanicals including Quandong seed Bush Tomato (kutjera) and locally produced citrus. The Reveli Gin won a Silver Medal in the 2016 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA).

After the 2016 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards medal, the Reveli recipe was improved and we were delighted to win a Gold Medal in the 2017 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

Our Gidgie Distilleries “5:55 Gin” is a contemporary ‘new world’ gin at 40% ABV which was awarded a Silver Medal at the 2017 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards. We developed the 5:55 gin to be slightly more refreshing during our hot Western Australian summers and it incorporates higher citrus undertones and using more of the Australian Myrtles. The use of distinctly Australian botanicals along with a selection of the more traditional ingredients makes the 5:55 an unmistakably Australian gin.

Our Mandarinello is a superb aperitif, delicately sweet with the lingering mandarin tang developed using our own organically grown mandarins, this spirit is a refreshing 21% ABV digest if with exceptional clarity best served chilled. In the 2017 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards it was awarded a Gold Medal and the Champion Alternate Spirits Award.

To broaden our product range we have distilled some fine Margaret River Region wine this is currently maturing in French oak barrels and we are planning to release a small batch brandy within the near future.

We are a progressive distillery and we are available for contract distilling - whether you need some wine distilled for your fortified wine products, or you just want to create a totally new concept product - we can help with advice, small batch trial distilling, bottling and labelling. Come to us with your ideas and we can work together to bring your product to life.